Gentle pressure massage used especially for relaxation, relief of muscular tension, and improvement of circulation and range of motion.
Massage specifically designed to relieve the pressures and pains from pregnancy.
This technique combines elements of Swedish and Deep Tissue in areas where needed.  Most popular and recommended technique.
This technique is specified to the specific sports related injuries and stretches.
Deep Tissue
This technique gets into the tissue to break up the fascia.

30 mins. $60

1 hr. $100

1.5 hr. $150

2 hr. 180 

Turn your session into a FasciaBlaster session

only $55

Please fill out intake form here, prior to your session.



Heavenly Aromatherapy Steam “Wraps” with Massage


 This spa service is my most luxurious session.  Not only does it combine massage with exfoliation, but it invites you to steam away toxins and melt into the massage table.


  Relax and unwind with Exfoliation, massage, aromatherapy, and steam hydrotherapy all in one!  Afterwards, we finish with a Shea butter finishing polish that leaves your skin silky smooth and refreshed.


Charcoal Scrub- draws out bacteria, poisons, and brings dirt to surface of skin helping you achieve a flawless

                                complexion and fight acne.

Coconut Milk Scrub- anti-aging, high levelsof Vitamin C to promote flexibility of skin

Arabica Coffee Scrub- anti-inflammatory, reduction of cellulite, improved circulation

90 mins - $180

2 hrs. - $220



 Steam Hydrotherapy

Relax while having your massage with a steam treatment!  The steam softens and relaxes your muscles while you are getting massaged simultaneously.  It helps you detox, relax, and burn calories...up to 600 calories in a 30 minute session!

Ear Candling

Originating in ancient Egypt, ear candling is widely practiced throughout the world!  It is an effective means of removing excess ear wax from your ear.  Also highly successful in the treatment for sinuses, sore throat, ear aches, swimmers ear, chronic headaches, allergies, and hearing improvement.

A special hollow candle is used.  The top of the candle is lit, while the base of the candle is gently placed in the ear.  Your ears feel amazing after opening up!

A total of four candles are used, two for each ear.  The total session last approximately one hour.

Deeply relaxing.

$45 with herbs

$45- 2 candles

$75- 4 candles