Deep Oscillation Therapy®

What is the HIVAMAT?

Utilized by professional Sports Teams across the world, Detoxity is the First Spa in the Houston area to use the Hivamat, for the most powerful MANUAL Lymphatic Drainage Session available!


  • An Additional Option for Pain Relief 

  • Aids in the Management of Lymphedema

  • No Heavy Force Required, Yet Effective up to 8 cm Deep

  • Compliments Kinesiology Taping Techniques

  • 25 Years in Practice with Published Clinical Studies

  • Used by Over 50 Professional and College Sports Teams

The Hivamat is a patented unit used as a deep oscillation system that provides reduction of pain, swelling and relaxation of the muscles.  The unit was designed to be used by professional athletes in medicine sports centers and clinics to treat injuries.  And now Detoxity Spa has its hands on it, to give you the best therapy session! 

How does the Hivamat work?

This is a Manual Lymphatic Drainage session.  The electrode is attached to your therapist as they are performing Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  The result, is the ultimate BOOST to your Lymphatic Drainage Massage. 


It is connected to your Therapist as they are providing MANUAL Lymphatic Drainage.  The result is the most powerful Manual Lymphatic Drainage available.


As known, our lymphatic system is a defense mechanism to the human body.

When there is trauma to the body due to surgery, an accident or a degenerative condition, the lymphatic system sends fluid to protect the injured area as a natural defense.  The more pressure is applied on the injured area, the more lymph fluid the body sends to protect it causing Fibrotic Scar Tissue.  The fluid that the lymphatic system sends is composed of proteins that are very difficult to break down or remove through the lymphatic pathways.


 While manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage breaks down and removes these proteins, the Hivamat when added to the therapy, removes ten times MORE!  The pulsed oscillations penetrate up to 8 to 12cm deep below the skin, connective and interstitial tissues, fat and adipogenic cells, muscle and lymph vessels!  It shakes the proteins and lymph fluid by using alternating currents (vibrations), deep oscillating it and directing it to your lymphatic pathway, where the manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage will flush everything out.

To illustrate this think about a glass of water that has sand in it.  When the glass is still the sand is in the bottom and when you try to pour it out, its mostly water that is coming out.  However if you shake the glass of water with sand in it first then pour the water out, more sand is also coming out. That is how the Hivamat works, it shakes the fluid and more proteins come out into the lymphatic pathways.


Benefits of the Hivamat


Reduces swelling, pain and improves movement.

Nervous System

Hip pain, Stiffness, Low back pain, Paralysis and motor aphasia

Musculoskeletal System

Carpal tunnel syndrome, tear of ligaments of muscles, fracture of the spine, sports trauma, hematomas, trautamic edema

Respiratory Disease

Asthma, Bronchittis, Mucus decongestion, quick and lasting relaxation of respiratory musculature, 

Sinus Irritation

Frontal Headaches, migraines,  tenderness of the face, nasal stuffiness or congestion, ear aches, puffy eyes can all be reduced with the use of the Hivamat.


Aftercare:  May be used directly after your procedure!  Powerful enough to be used on open wounds!  Helps to alleviate tenderness, inflammation, reduces pain. Promotes and accelerates wound healing and scar tissue. Gentle to the touch, you will not be in pain!

Other great benefits:


Decongestion of metabolic waste products

Reduces cellulite



Enables the stimulation of the cell and collagen production

Skin elasticity

Faster recovery 


Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Deep Oscillation Therapy is the Most Powerful Combination!

One 30mn LD massage with Hivamat is equal to 1hr without it!

HIVAMAT the MOST POWERFUL tool in the market!

1 session $100

3 sessions $225 ($75)

6 sessions $420 ($70)

9 sessions $585 ($65)

12 sessions $720 ($60)

18 sessions $900 ($50)