Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:


What do I need to bring?

You may want to bring a comb or brush for after your session, and something to put your contact lenses in while you’re in the capsule.  Other than that, we have everything you need (towels, robes, earplugs, body wash/ shampoo).  Your room is private, and you go into the capsule nude, so there’s no need for a bathing suit.  Just bring an open mind and be ready to enjoy weightless relaxation.



How should I prepare?

Don’t drink coffee for several hours beforehand, so that your system isn’t jittery.

Don’t shave or wax since the salt water can irritate your skin.

Eat a light meal about an hour to 90 minutes ahead of time.

Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to enjoy your zero gravity massage chair session.


Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Yes!  Being weightless when you’re used to carrying around a growing baby is a wonderful relief!!  Many women report that some of their first ‘conversations’ with their babies happen in the float tank, where the noises and distractions of the outside world are eliminated. 



What if I’m claustrophobic?

Being in the float capsule is more like floating in outer space than being shut in a box.  You’re always in control of your environment, and even people with extreme claustrophobia have reported having no problems with their time in the capsule.



Are there any studies that back up floating benefits?

Invented by John C. Lilly, floating has been around for over 50 years and has lots of published research to back it up.  Here are a few resources:



Will I drown if I can’t swim?

No, people even fall asleep while they are floating because the water keeps you afloat! However, be careful if saltwater gets into your eyes, that will definitely wake you up.  Floating doesn’t require any swimming skills at all. 



Your capsule is huge!  Can two people share the capsule?

Even though the capsule is large, only one person can float at a time. Two people sharing a capsule defeats the purpose of sensory deprivation.



Fresh tattoo- can I float?

No, floating with a fresh tattoo could be painful due to saltwater getting into the open wound, which is not a good mix!  Also, the water solution could cause fading or discoloration of your tattoo and permanently ruin its aesthetic appeal.  You may want to wait about 4 to 6 weeks before floating, so that you can let your tattoo heal.  


Freshly dyed hair- can I float?

We recommend that you check if the water running through your hair in the shower at home is fully clear before floating.  If there is color coming out, wait a couple more days.


Can I float if I’m menstruating?

Yes.  Just follow the same protocol you would for a swimming pool.


How is the tank cleaned?

There are over 1000 lbs of Epsom salt in the water, which makes it by nature, sterile.  In addition, after each float, the water is filtered continuously through a 1micron filter and treated with UV light, Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine.  Our float room complies with the most stringent health and safety regulations.



Will a float affect my new spray tan?

We recommend that you not float for at least a week after having a spray or applied tan or if some color is still coming off when your skin is wiped or washed.


How many times do I need to float before I see results?

Though many notice results after their first float, some will notice improvements after their second or third float. This gives the body enough time to adjust to the new environment. This is also the reason why we offer three floats in our introduction package.


Do I have to stay in the whole time?

There are no latches and you can get out anytime.  That said, the session goes by way faster than you would expect. 



Is floating something everyone should do?

As with anything, floating may not be suited for everyone.  It does require an open mind and willingness to let go and relax.  You may need to float several times before you can relax completely and quiet your mind.  Many report having an emotional and spiritual transformation.


I have bad PTSD and anxiety- can floating help?

Studies have shown that floating does reduce PTSD and anxiety! 

Floating constantly for one hour in our sensory deprivation capsule can also help reduce depression, sleep difficulties, irritability, and fatigue.  Once you close your eyes and relax, you will feel weightless and will even forget that you are inside a capsule!


Can it relieve pain?

Yes.  Many professional sports teams utilizie float for muscle recovery!!  It is shown to be effective in treating tension headaches, muscle tension, whiplash- associated disorders, neck pain, stiffness, and stress-related pain. 


Can it improve cardiovascular health?

Cardiovascular diseases are linked to the lack of sleep and high stress.

Floatation therapy induces a deep relaxation that reduces stress levels and improves sleep. Voila!  



 Do not float if:

  • You’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • You’ve received a tattoo in the last 4-6 weeks.

  • You’ve just waxed, shaved or exfoliated.

  • You have epilepsy that is not under medical control.

  • You’ve received a spray-on tan within the last 48 hrs.

  • You have a large open skin wound (there’s a lot of salt. It’ll hurt!)

  • Freshly dyed hair or if there are traces of dye in the shower or towels.

  • You’re unable to enter and exit the float tank without assistance (unless you bring your own assistant).